The most important thing when speaking with your doctor is to be honest and upfront. At Castlegate Family Practice, our medical professionals will make the best assessment of your needs following a full understanding of your medical history, including all medication you are taking and lifestyle habits such as smoking, illicit drug use, diet and physical activity. We have in place a policy to care for and protect our patients, doctors, and the wider community, thus leading to all staff having an ability to identify individuals who seek to procure prescriptions and medications in excess of what is required for their condition or specific needs.

All patient prescriptions are recorded so that quantities and repeats supplied are checked. We advise making an appointment for a consultation to be issued a repeat prescription so that our doctors can give a complete and accurate examination for your health and safety.

Similarly, some medications require tapering and must be slowly discontinued in use, so it’s important to discuss any such decision with your family doctor who can work with you to create a plan of action that gradually takes you off the medication. The physicians and nurses at Castlegate Family Practice are people you can trust when it comes to the pros and cons of stopping, or starting, your medication. We will make you feel comfortable, and listen to each one of your concerns, help you overcome difficulties, and make treatment a collaborative process.

Due to legal constraints, repeat prescriptions can only be issued after a patient has been seen and reviewed by the treating physician.