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Castlegate Family Practice is a friendly and family-focused general practice located in Woodvale, WA. We are equipped with doctors and specialists who have extensive backgrounds, to provide you with the best care in the northern suburbs of Perth.

We believe that providing high-quality care is not only about the medical advice that we dispense, but more importantly about the relationships we have with our patients. Our doctors and specialists at Castlegate Family Practice uphold compassionate care and personal affinity with patients so that each individual is encouraged and inspired to reach their health potential.

At Castlegate Family Practice, we recognise your need for professional, timely and nurturing attention, and are committed to providing it to the highest standards in a comfortable and welcoming setting. We will treat you and your family in the same way we wish to be treated, and nothing less.

Clinics & Services

General Visits


Castlegate Family Practice aims to provide the highest standard of patient care. Whether you or a loved one is requiring a diagnosis of an ailment or the management of an illness, immunisations or advice on a medical condition, our physicians and professional staff do not discriminate in the provision of excellent care and welcome everyone for a general visit.

We provide everything from women’s, men’s and children’s health care to immunisations, prescriptions, counselling services, skin checks and nutritional advice. Everything and anything is at our doorstep, because at Castlegate Family Practice, our vision is to give the highest quality and most personable health care for you and your family.

Immunisation Clinic


The Australian Standard Vaccination Schedule recommends a number of vaccinations, in the form of an injection, for children as well as adults to reduce the spread of seriously fatal illnesses in our population. Our team of medical professionals at Castlegate Family Practice are at the helm of protection when it comes to immunisation as a method of disease prevention.

At Castlegate Family Practice, we provide vaccinations, follow up immunisation issues, and ongoing needs for patients with a fully accredited nurse-led service at one location. As well as administering injections, we provide up-to-date information on vaccines and immunisation schedules, health and wellbeing for early childhood and adults.

Men’s Clinic


At Castlegate Family Practice, you can come in knowing you will be seen by a skilled physician who specialises in the ailment you have. We recognise that many men have busy lives or feel uncomfortable about visiting the doctor, but our medical services ease the burden by offering on-site access to physicians who respect and understand your health conditions.

For our male patients, we offer a full range of health care and support services, and our doctors are sensitive to the difficulty some men may have in discussing these issues. As men age, they can face physical, sexual and medical health concerns that have an impact on their every day lives.

Women’s Clinic


At Castlegate Family Practice, we provide comprehensive and compassionate women’s health services, where ladies of all ages can schedule a confidential visit with an experienced doctor for family planning, gynecological concerns, wellness visits, and much more. At one convenient location, our medical team can address women’s concerns and answer common questions about topics such as preventative care, sexual health, aging, and pregnancy.

Our commitment to provide you with quality care is reflected in our embrace of patient-doctor relationships, so whether you want an overall health check-up or have a specific women’s concern, our highly experienced doctors can offer you the trusted advice you’re looking for.

Children’s Clinic


At Castlegate Family Practice, we are a full service medical centre providing comprehensive paediatric healthcare for children, from birth to adolescence. Our goal is to help families with all the medical, developmental and psychological issues that may come up throughout a youngster’s life, and we encourage tailoring that care to an individual’s needs.

We offer a qualified, professional service where our nurse will review your itinerary and make recommendations based on where you’re going, length of stay, and population or remoteness risks. Our job is to give you the best travel medicine information available so that the holiday of your dreams is a memorable one.

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Our Doctors

Dr Magda Beshay



Dr Magda Beshay is an Australian-based health care professional with more than 20 years’ experience.

Dr Beshay’s observation as a medical professional revealed a vast difference between health care services provided and the actual needs of the community, in particular for women. So it was in this space that Majesty Medical Corporation (trading as Castlegate Family Practice) was born.


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