Dr Erik Beltz

Dr Erik Beltz


Dr Erik Beltz is a Dutch, Australian based Doctor of Medicine with 28 years of experience in

  • General Practice
  • Antenatal care
  • Maternal health
  • Orthopedics
  • Pediatrics
  • Tropical Medicine
  • Travel Medicine

Dr Beltz has worked in different hospitals in the Netherlands. Specialized in the South-West Region of England as a GP. Moved to South Africa and worked for 10 years as Principal and Chief Medical Officer in Botswana, running remote hospitals there. He arrived with his family in 2005 in Australia, working as GP in an Aboriginal Health Service and as SMO in a remote hospital in WA as surgical/obstetric GP.

  • Popular Doctor
  • High Patient base
  • Role Model

In 2012, the family moved to rural Victoria where Dr Beltz worked as GP obstetrician and pediatrician.
Since 2017 back in WA as GP, seeing patients from all walks of life and all kinds of conditions.
He loves his work and enjoys helping patients to the best of his ability.
He enjoys spending time with his family and friends, loves the beach and nature.
He encourages everyone to live a healthier life, eat more balanced and keep the muscles moving in anyway.